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Choose wood fencing for your Nebraska property when your top priority is beautiful, natural borders and versatile styles.

One of the most versatile fence materials comes from our wood designs. Due to its natural material, wood is able to be customized in almost any style you could want and can also be painted or stained to match any other part of your home or business appearance. At Empire Fence, we build our wood fences with western red cedar for a high quality product that can provide privacy, semi privacy, or be installed with open pickets.

wood fencing in Waverly Nebraska

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The Benefits of Wood Fencing

Wood fencing comes with a long list of benefits ... here are some of our favorites!

Wood Fences are


Whether you choose an open picket fence or a tall privacy style, adding a wood fence to your property will create a beautiful look and a natural charm other fence materials cannot match.

Wood Fences are

Great for Privacy

Wood fencing has many great styles that are built for the perfect privacy in your yard. Standard privacy height is 6', though some can be installed as high as 8'.

Wood Fences are

A Good Investment

The value of a wood fence is shown by its affordability, natural beauty and strong protection. Wood fences are perfect for nearly any property that needs a fence!

Features of our Wood Fences

Every wood fence is built strong with three main components that create its strength and durability.

Wood fence features popular with Waverly Nebraska homeowners

  1. Posts - Using a high quality post is important to stabilize the strength of the entire fence. We use quality products installed with the best practices and industry standards for maximum strength and workmanship from Postmaster® to provide strong, steel posts that extend the life of your fence. When we install posts for wood fence gates, we ensure they are made to withstand the weight to prevent sagging or any other damage to the gate itself.
  2. Wood Rails - An important component of wood fencing are the rails that hold each panel together and connect them to the posts. We use high quality exterior grade hardware that will not rust or break, keeping the integrity of the fence strength together for many years.
  3. Wood Pickets - Every wood picket we use is hand selected from western red cedar pieces that are crafted for beautiful, strong fences. Pickets are designed to stand strong and be the main pieces of each panel creating the perfect design you need.

Wood Fencing
Custom Top Finishes

Wood Fences can be customized in an unlimited number of ways.
One popular option is to customize the top edge of the fence.

Straight Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Straight Top

A simple straight top cut is a popular choice with many homeowners in Waverly, NE. The clean lines look amazing especially when longer fences follow the natural contours of the land.

Convex Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Convex Top

Another popular choice for Waverly, NE wood fences is the convex top cut. Just about every style of wood fencing can be finished with the convex cut - including wood picket fences.

Concave Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Concave Top

The concave cut is another great option for wood fences in Waverly, NE. Be aware, some homeowners feel that this cut can make their fence look "shorter". This is mostly an illusion but it is something worth considering.

Cap and Wrap - Wood Fence Option

Cap and Trim

The Cap and Trim custom wood fence finish is one of our favorites. Nothing captures the beauty and style of our Waverly, NE area like this particular wood fence finishing option.

Instant Quote Tool for Wood Fences

Property owners in Nebraska can get an instant quote for an Wood fence in less than 5 minutes!

Instant Quote for Wood fence in Waverly Nebraska
  1. Easy - Simply type in the address to your property. You will instantly see a satellite view of your yard and your neighborhood.
  2. Fast - Then simply "draw" your fence. Don't worry about being precise. It doesn't matter. This is just for rough estimating purposes.
  3. Current - Our fence quote tool will provide you with a price range so you can start the fence budget process.
  4. Flexible - Many Empire customers enjoy our instant fence quote tool because you can try different configurations and different fence types - to see what options might be best for you BEFORE ever talking to one of our fence experts.
  5. Convenient - Once you have completed the configuration of your Wood fence (or any type of fence), our fence experts will have a great start to helping you finalize your design. Making the entire fence design process faster, easier, and more convenient!
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Examples of Our Wood Fences

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Wood fence is one of the most customizable types of fencing around. The height, spacing between pickets, shape of pickets, top cut of the fence, and color can all be customized for each individual fence project. Our fence experts are the best in the business and they are available to help you come up with the perfect design for your space and needs. Give us a call today to start your plan!

Property owners across our entire service area love the look and benefits of wood fencing. It is a great solution for many fencing needs in both Nebraska and Iowa. Wood fencing can create the privacy you need, match your home or office look, and create an enhanced curb appeal for front yards. If you're wondering what type of wood fencing would work best for your needs, give our office a call or try our FREE fence estimator tool anytime!

Wood fencing is more subject to warping and decay because of its natural materials. With a little TLC, our high-quality wood fences will survive for decades! The first step in ensuring the durability of your fence is to seal and treat it with a high-quality stain or paint. Keeping an eye out for evidence of wear and tear as time passes on is the next task, as is repairing any damage you may find. Your wood fence can survive for decades if you give it the right care and attention it needs.

For all of our wood fence jobs, we use high quality western red cedar across Nebraska and Iowa properties supplied from Stephens Pipe & Steel. This is a much higher quality than some of the wood types our competitors may use that can be cheaper products that are not as strong and attractive.

Every wood fence installation we complete comes with our 1 year labor warranty for your peace of mind. Due to the natural material of wood, there is not a manufacturer warranty available on the wood itself, however, you will receive a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Postmaster® posts we install.

Of all the fence materials you can install, wood is one of the most affordable. Lumber prices, like other materials, can fluctuate with the market demands, so it's always good to check and compare the pricing when you're deciding on a new fence. Use our FREE fence estimator tool, or give our fence team a call for the details you need today.

Wood Fence FAQs

Get the details on wood fences.

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