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Gretna Nebraska Fence Company

Find your perfect fence in Gretna with the products we supply at Empire Fence Company! Our teams work with both residential properties and commercial properties installing wood fences, aluminum fences, chain link fences, and vinyl fences of all styles and strengths.

If you're looking for netting, access control, gate automation, or windscreens, we have the solutions for those, too! We are more than just backyard fences and product services - we pride ourselves in building relationships that last a lifetime with our team and our customers. When you choose Empire Fence Company for your next fencing project, you'll know what it means when we say, "from concept to completion, your project is our priority!"

Residential and Commercial Fencing in Gretna NE

At Empire Fence Company, we offer a wide range of fencing options for both homes and businesses. Even though many of the same materials can be used for both types of fences, there are some differences that make a residential fence different from a commercial fence in Gretna NE.

Gretna Nebraska residential fencing company

Gretna NebraskaResidential Fences

We wouldn't have been known as the best fence company in the Gretna area if we didn't have a wide range of high-quality residential fencing options! We offer wood, vinyl, chain link, and aluminum as some of the materials that can be used for residential fencing. We have styles and colors that are both contemporary and traditional, as well as everything in between. For residential fencing options that will work perfectly for your Gretna NE location, whether you want high security, complete privacy, or a beautiful addition to your home, explore the selection our professionals provide.

Gretna Residential Fencing
Gretna Nebraska commercial fencing company

Gretna NebraskaCommercial Fences

Empire Fence Company has become one of the most reliable sources for commercial fencing in Gretna and Nebraska because we offer a wide range of commercial fence products to meet any need. Most commercial fences are built to meet a higher level of security needs than residential fences, and they can be bought with a stronger grade of fence material. Most people think of chain link fencing when they think of a fence around a business. However, other materials like aluminum, vinyl, or even wood can be used depending on the situation.

Gretna Commercial Fencing

Recommended Fencing Styles for Gretna

Gretna Nebraska residents have a choice of four main types of fence for their property. There are a lot of different styles in each of the four types, so you can find one that fits your needs, whether you want a fence for privacy, your pool, curb appeal, or security. Our team is prepared to help you with your project!

Gretna NE Aluminum Fences

Aluminum Fences

Having the pros at Empire Fence Company install an aluminum fence around your Gretna home or business will give it the elegance and safety it needs. Our high-quality aluminum fences come with excellent warranties and will provide you with years of worry-free security.

Gretna NE Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

In terms of practicality, chain link fences are the best choice for property owners in the Gretna region. This sort of fence, which can be used for both residential and commercial purposes, provides the best of both worlds: security and cost-effectiveness.

Gretna NE Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice among property owners in Gretna. It comes in a variety of styles that can be completely private or have open picket designs. Because it is strong and flexible, it is also a good choice for the weather in Gretna. Vinyl fences installed by our professionals will last a lifetime, providing both beauty and durability.

Gretna NE Wood Fences

Wood Fences

The natural look of wood fences is a favorite for properties all over Nebraska. Even though prices can fluctuate, wood is often one of the least expensive up-front options. It does, however, require more care and maintenance than other materials. When it comes to aesthetic and color options, nothing beats wood fences.

Contact Our Fence and Gate Experts

Got questions? Our team of experienced professionals are here to answer any questions you may have about fencing or automated gate entry systems for your Gretna property and guide you to the fence of your dreams! Get fast, friendly service with us.


Types of Privacy Fences in Gretna Nebraska

We know your privacy is one of the most important reasons for installing a fence, so let the fence experts at Empire Fence Company help you design the perfect privacy fence for your yard.

Gretna Nebraska wood privacy fencing

Gretna NebraskaWood Privacy Fences

Gretna homeowners love the classic, all-natural appearance of wood fencing. There are endless options of styles and designs available, making wood fencing a great option for your privacy fence project.

Gretna Wood Privacy Fencing
Gretna Nebraska wood privacy fencing

Gretna NebraskaVinyl Privacy Fences

Created from a durable, strong material that does not warp, fade, rot, or become destroyed by insects, vinyl is an excellent choice for Gretna Nebraska privacy fencing. For a low-maintenance option, go with vinyl!

Gretna Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Empire Fence Company
Knows Fencing in Gretna Nebraska

Residential and Commercial Fencing at its best for Gretna!

For fencing of all kinds, trust the pros at Empire Fence Company for fence, decking, and netting services you can depend on! We have been serving the Gretna area since 2009 with the best quality materials and installation around! With over 13 of experience in the fencing industry, our experts provide a full service range of new fence installation, wood deck and fence staining, and security gate entry systems for aluminum fence, vinyl fence, chain link fence, and wood fence, serving commercial and residential spaces.

At our company's core, we stand above other fencing contractors with our extensive knowledge, experience, and ability to deliver. No matter how big or small, we love to bring your ideas to life!

The Empire Fence Company Difference in Gretna Nebraska Fence Installations

Get a FREE Fence Estimate

Looking for an estimate on your fence project in the Gretna Nebraska area? Contact our team today to get a fast, free estimate personalized just for your property and requests.

Buying a Fence in Gretna Nebraska

Our Easy Process

At Empire Fence, we've developed a system for fence installation in the Gretna area to help homeowners and business owners get the fence they need easily, with no hassle. Because we've been installing fences since 2019, we know what it takes to walk you through the steps with ease. Shop our wide selection of fences and give us a call to start on your fence project together!

Buying a fence step 1: Measure the property
Step 1: Get Property Measurements

The first step to getting a fence is to have a close estimate of the property measurements. Utilize our online fence estimator tool to begin the process of plotting out the space you need fenced in.

Buying a fence step 2: choose a fence style
Step 2: Compare and Choose Fence Types

Once you lay out your fence area, choose a fence type and a design you prefer to get a close estimate of the cost. You have the ability in our easy online tool to compare a variety of fences if you aren't sure which is best.

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation
Step 3: Delivery & Installation

At this point, there's nothing left you need to do but schedule installation! Our expert team will handle the delivery and installation and communicate with you about the date and times to expect the work to be done. Before you know it, you'll have a beautiful, new fence from Empire to last you for many years!

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Gretna Fence FAQs

Our most common questions from your Gretna friends and neighbors.

We install a wide range of fence types all across Gretna and the surrounding area. From those, our most popular ones really depend on the situation. Wood fences and chain link fences are very popular, along with aluminum fences and our FenceTrac option. The best fence for your needs is dependent on what your main priorities are! If you're looking for privacy, security, or a decorative border, there are many options available to choose from that are high quality and long-lasting.

Absolutely! As one of the most trusted residential fencing contractors in the entire Gretna area, we stand behind our fence installations with our workmanship warranty. We also use professional grade materials and work with high-quality fence manufacturers. This means you are protected with excellent manufacturer warranties on fencing materials.

Yes! We often use our professional expertise to help customers with the best fence design to fit their needs. Our team of pros are happy to help you with any questions you may have and find the best fencing solution available.

The price of a fence is dependent on the material you choose and the exact style you order. We provide quotes for free! Simply reach out to our team through our online form or give us a call and our team of friendly, experienced staff will be glad to walk you through the process and plan a consultation.

We work hard to provide expert fencing services to our customers all year round! There is no bad time of year to get a fence in Gretna Nebraska. There are certain times during the year when our installation schedule is busier, but our fence team always does its best to get you the fence you need right when you need it. Reach out today to find out what our current schedule looks like!

We understand that you want a great fence and you don't want to wait forever to get it! We do our very best to accommodate your needs! We schedule our fence installations to be completed as quickly as we can and as soon as we have all of the materials needed for your specific fence design. Once installation day arrives, your fence will be up very quickly, usually within a day or two, though it depends on the size of your job. Speak to our team to talk about what you need and we will be happy to make a plan that works best for you!

See Photos of Gretna NE Fences

Our team has installed many fences in Gretna NE and the surrounding region. Check out our photo gallery for examples of our work. We have several types of fencing available and can customize your project to meet your needs. Give us a call if you see something you like!

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Say goodbye to the tedious search for a "fence company near me" on search engines. Our local fence crews in Gretna Nebraska are at your service, providing you with efficient and reliable fence installation services in your local community!