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Monday Meetings4/1/2024

The meeting begins with Matt emphasizing personal responsibility, stating that both the good and bad in life are ultimately "your fault," emphasizing the importance of taking action to shape one's own destiny. Following Matt, Tommy addresses the topic of suspension trauma, highlighting the importance of safety when using a harness. Matt then shares his personal story, encouraging others to identify what motivates them and channel their passion towards positively. We also celebrated the following anniversaries and birthdays within the company, including Matt W's 15-year anniversary, Chris G's 3-year anniversary, and the birthdays of Sean C, Kalyn K, and Patrick W.

Monday Meetings3/25/2024

" Matt sets the tone with an empowering message about controlling our destinies and surrounding ourselves with driven individuals. Tommy follows up with a crucial safety topic: the correct usage of safety harnesses. He emphasizes the importance of snugly securing leg straps and positioning the chest strap at the ideal level for optimal safety.

Chris from Lutz provides essential updates on employee 401Ks. He urges everyone to take proactive steps by creating or updating their accounts and encourages scheduling one-on-one meetings with Lutz to address any questions or concerns (reach out to Melanie Warner to schedule meeting with Lutz).

Plus, we celebrate Josh D and Hayden P's birthdays!

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