When it’s time to add a new fence to your property in the great State of Nebraska, you might think the weather does not agree. However, installing a fence in the winter is definitely an option! Are there differences between scheduling an installation in winter compared to warmer months? Yes, but there are actually some benefits to scheduling your project in winter! Here, we’re sharing some of the benefits of calling your favorite Nebraska fence company in the cold season.

5 Reasons to Install Fencing in Winter in Nebraska

Many people assume that winter is the worst season to have a fence installed. This is a myth! It’s true that there can be different challenges unique to the coldest months of the year, but there are many reasons why it’s still a great time to give Empire Fence Company a call and start plans for your next fence project.

Schedule your Fence Installation Faster

During peak season for a Nebraska fence company, scheduling your project may be delayed. It can take months to get the job done depending on how many people are in front of you in the company’s schedule. During the winter months in Nebraska, most people are only focused on indoor gatherings because of the chilly weather. Hardly anyone is worrying about sprucing up the yard. This leaves a great opportunity for someone like you who is planning ahead for the time you want to spend outside, knowing that a fence may bring a huge improvement for you and your family. 


Another way to save time with a winter fence installation is that it can speed up the permitting process in your area. Depending on your location, permitting processes can take time. Of course, when there are fewer permits to process, yours will be completed faster. Be first in line and call the experts at Empire Fence Company to get your fence project on our planner!

Can Save Time and Money

Wintertime often brings a slower time for a fencing contractor in Nebraska. Though it’s never a guarantee, the possibility that there may be product options that are overstocked can save money. Just the simple fact that products that are sometimes out of stock in the busier months but are more easily available in winter can save you the extra shipping costs for expediting products. Since we know time is money – you’ll be saving more and taking advantage of a faster fence installation with your Nebraska fence company!

Avoid Damaging Your Landscaping

When winter comes, your lush green landscaping goes dormant, so it’s a great time in Nebraska for your yard to be dug for a fence or other renovations. Your landscaping can be trimmed or moved without causing long-term damage to the plants. Winter is a great window of time to do work in your yard to be ready for spring and have everything settled and looking finished for the new blooms of April and May. Having a fencing contractor in Nebraska do a winter installation can prepare your space perfectly for new plants you may want to add.

Don’t Have to Wait to Replace a Damaged Fence

It’s unnecessary to wait through winter with an old, damaged fence that’s a major eye sore or too dangerous to let the dog out. You don’t have to delay getting your new fence project going! When you repair a fence in the Nebraska winter, your project will be completed before everyone else has just started to plan theirs. Don’t wait to refresh and renew your property fence.

Be Ready for Warm Nebraska Weather Outdoor Activities

When you have fences installed in Nebraska during the wintertime, you won’t be wasting any time jumping into all your entertaining and plans that are coming for the warm months. You’ll be ready for barbeques, gatherings with friends, and relaxing at home with your family. Enjoy the finished space just as soon as the warm weather hits! Nobody wants a fence installation job to happen right before an outdoor holiday celebration. Waiting for your landscaping and ground to settle in before planning a party with friends is disappointing. Make your plans and get your fence installed in winter to avoid the hassles.

Winter Fence Maintenance in Nebraska

Once you have a fence installed on your property, it’s important to know how to best care for it during the winter months when there can be lots of snow and ice. With wood fences, maintenance begins before winter comes with sealing them and making sure they are secure. Our FenceTrac metal framing stands up to the Nebraska winter, but depending on your infill material, like wood for example, you may need to provide some care to protect it from the freezing temperatures.


For aluminum fences or chain link fences, no maintenance is needed because the strength of the metal holds up very well to the winter cold. Vinyl fences, though very durable, can become a bit more susceptible to cracking due to brittleness that can develop in extreme cases. To take the best care of your vinyl fence, avoid any heavy contact with the fence directly from things like shovels or piling snow up against the fence. Always try to blow snow away from your fence whenever possible to prevent undue strain. A fencing contractor in Nebraska, like Empire Fence Company, can help you with more special tips to keep your fence looking great. 

For Expert Winter Fence Tips, Speak to the Experts at Empire Fence Company!

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