If you’re contemplating a wood fence installation, then your key concerns likely involve longevity and durability. Standard wood posts are susceptible to rotting and weathering over the years. That’s where PostMaster posts come in. PostMaster posts guarantee that residential wood fences will be strong enough to provide both a secure barrier and an aesthetic addition to their residence. Keep reading to learn about their standout features, the benefits they provide over standard posts, and how they add to the durability and aesthetic appeal of wood fences. 

Engineered Strength for Your Nebraska Wood Fence

Empire Fence has a secret weapon that sets us apart from the competition. It’s our strategic use of PostMaster posts, a game-changing solution for creating durable and reliable fences. As opposed to standard wood posts that will weather and rot, PostMaster posts offer an innovative alternative that can withstand just about anything. These galvanized steel posts provide exceptional durability and resilience, ensuring fences can stay strong in the toughest conditions. 


Empire Fence took notice of the limitations of traditional wood fence posts, especially in areas prone to frequent weather fluctuations like Nebraska. As a more durable option to traditional wood fence posts, Empire turned to PostMaster posts—an alternative that surpasses standard wood materials. These innovative posts offer strength and durability, ensuring the longevity of your Nebraska wood fence installation.

What are PostMaster Posts?

PostMaster posts are metal posts designed specifically for creating stable and long-lasting wood fences. They are crafted from solid galvanized steel, set in concrete for a secure foundation. With lengths ranging from 7.5 to 10 feet, PostMaster posts offer versatility, accommodating many different design choices.


Not only are they easily customizable, but PostMaster posts offer many unique features that will help make the installation process smoother. They have pre-drilled holes for quick installation, flanges for easy attachment, and tick marks for precise rail placement. These conveniences make for a popular fencing option among Nebraska residents. 

Durability for Years to Come

PostMaster posts are made to endure the elements. Their strength and durability are attributed to the use of 12-gauge galvanized steel, providing stability to the structure. As opposed to standard wood, the PostMaster posts don’t warp, rot, or crack over time. Even in strong winds, PostMaster posts provide flexibility that allows them to rebound, maintaining the structural integrity of the fence. Empire Fence is dedicated to delivering Nebraska wood fence installations that are crafted for endurance, so you know that your investment will withstand the test of time. 

Why are Quality Fasteners Important?

The professionals at Empire Fence use stainless steel fasteners and screws to enhance the longevity of your fence. This removes the risk of streaks created by the chemical reaction between the cedar wood and the non-stainless steel fasteners. By utilizing the stainless steel fasteners, our trusted Nebraska fence contractors can ensure that your fence will remain untarnished, leaving you with a clean fence.

Concealed Design for a Seamless Look

If you’re concerned about the visual integration of PostMaster posts with your wood fence, Empire Fence has a solution. By tactically placing pickets on the exposed side of the post, they remain hidden from view. Usually, only a small section of the posts can be seen at ground level but is easily concealed by grass. This approach seamlessly blends the posts with your fence while still maintaining their function.

Our Nebraska Fence Contractors Install High-Quality Wood Fences

Empire Fence’s use of PostMaster posts shows our dedication to providing exceptional fences that last a lifetime. By providing these steel posts as an upgrade option, we offer durable, long-lasting, and reliable wood fences for our customers. 


Check out some of the beautiful fences we’ve built in our Nebraska wood fence photo gallery. By trusting Empire Fence with your fencing project, customers can be assured that their investment will make a lasting fence to enjoy for years ahead. 

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