When choosing a Nebraska fence company, finding a trustworthy and reliable contractor to work with is crucial to make sure you receive the best quality and value. Comparing companies to determine which one is the most reputable and experienced can be difficult, but we have some tips that can help narrow your options down. Continue reading to learn what to look for and what questions you should ask when deciding which of the top-rated fence companies in Waverly, NE to use for your fencing project. 

Key Traits of a Dependable Fence Company 

In your search for the best fencing contractor in Waverly, NE, you can ask the following questions to determine which one to trust with your fence installation. If the answer is “Yes!” to these questions, you can feel assured they will do quality work. 

Do They Have a Variety of Fence Options?

A reliable fencing contractor in Waverly, Nebraska should have a good selection of fences in a variety of materials and styles. Occasionally some colors or products may be hard to get in stock, depending on supply chain factors, but we will work hard to get exactly what you need. Once your selected product is in stock, we have the knowledge and experience to complete your project quickly and efficiently. 


Empire Fence Company offers Residential Fence and Commercial Fence installation of the following styles: 

  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Wood Fencing
  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Chain-link Fencing
  • FenceTrac Fencing
  • Commercial & Recreational Netting

Our fences and materials are sourced from high-quality manufacturers and we are well-acquainted with the pros and cons of each type of fence we install. As one of the top-rated fence companies in Waverly, NE, we will assist you every step of the way with your residential or commercial fence project and make sure that you find the fence that best suits your needs. 

Have They Been in Business for Several Years?

While the length of time a fencing contractor in Waverly, NE has been in business may not accurately reflect its abilities and ethics, generally speaking, it is a good indicator of reliability, dependability, and experience. 


Empire Fence Company has been in operation since 2009. We have residential and commercial experience with fence installation, custom design, and sports netting. Take a look at our “In the News” website page to see some examples of our involvement in the local community and beyond. Our commitment to quality and excellent workmanship is a top priority and we are constantly improving. 

Do They Have a Solid Warranty? 

One key difference that separates a good company from an excellent company is whether or not they have a  warranty. Companies that have skilled, trained fence installers are not afraid to guarantee the work that they do. Some companies do not offer warranties on their products or their installation, so make sure to find out their policy before you hire them. 


Empire Fence Company provides a 1-year labor warranty, which protects against workmanship or installation errors. Additionally, many of the manufacturers we purchase our products from offer their own warranties. For more information, read our warranty information or contact one of our sales representatives. 

What is the Level of Customer Satisfaction in Online Reviews?

Since we live in a world connected by technology, it’s easy to find information about nearly anything online, including every fencing contractor in Waverly, NE. Finding information about Nebraska commercial and residential fence companies and comparing company reviews is easier than ever. Before you hire a fence company, take a look at its website, social media channels, and online reviews to get insight into their reputation. 


The customer reviews for Empire Fence Company on Google and our dedicated Facebook page can give you a good idea of how we compare to all of the top-rated fence companies in Waverly, NE. A quick search will reveal what your friends, family, and neighbors think of us! Additionally, you can take a look at our most recent work on those social channels and also review our Pinterest page to see our finished projects and find inspiration and ideas for your next fence project. 

Working With a Reputable Nebraska Residential Fence Company Is Important

We know that there are many fence companies that you could work with, but not all of them meet the standards and qualifications we’ve reviewed in this article. When you choose a fencing contractor in Waverly, NE, finding one that checks all of the boxes will ensure you receive the best fence and customer experience. The best companies rise above the competition by using quality materials, offering exceptional customer care, and actively participating in their community.   


With over 15 years of experience, Empire Fence Company has grown to become a top-rated fence company in Waverly, NE and the surrounding areas. We have built our reputation by establishing and maintaining excellent relationships with our clients and community. Our team is dedicated to communicating with our customers through each step of the process in order to provide you with a final product that you love.

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You’ve Found the Best Fencing Contractor in Waverly, NE – Empire Fence Company!

We look forward to having the opportunity to show you why we are one of the top-rated fence companies in Waverly, NE. Our knowledgeable, expert staff is available to help you with your fence design from the initial estimate to the finished project. Call us at (402) 682-7658 or contact us online. We can’t wait to work with you!