From safeguarding spectators at sporting events to perfecting your golf swing without worrying about hitting someone, our netting solutions have got you covered. Dive into our world of backstop netting, windscreens, and shade sails, each designed to elevate your athletic experience. Discover how our versatile sports netting solutions ensure safety and add style and functionality to your outdoor space in Waverly, Nebraska. In this article, Empire Fence, one of the top-rated fence companies in Nebraska, will explore the diverse applications and benefits of these dynamic structures and unlock the full potential of your sports facility.

Enhancing Areas with Premium Netting Solutions 

Each of these elements plays a vital role in enhancing the experience at sports venues, from ensuring player safety and uninterrupted play to providing comfort and privacy for spectators. Our versatile Nebraska commercial and recreational netting solutions protect visitors and players but also add style and functionality to any sports setting. Let’s discover the unique features, uses, and benefits of each type of netting offered by Empire Fence, one of the top-rated fence companies in Nebraska, and how they elevate safety, comfort, and aesthetics.

Barrier Netting

Barrier netting is essential for safety and containment in sports facilities. It helps keep balls and equipment within designated areas, enhancing safety for both spectators and participants. Whether it’s a baseball field, soccer pitch, or golf course, barrier netting ensures that the action stays within the play area, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Made from high-quality materials, our barrier netting is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy use, providing reliable protection during every game. This durable solution enhances safety and helps maintain an organized and enjoyable environment for all sports events.

Backstop Netting

Backstop netting is crucial for sports fields and arenas, providing a vital layer of safety and efficiency. In baseball and softball, this netting is installed behind home plate to catch foul balls, protecting spectators from potential injuries. Soccer and lacrosse fields use backstop netting to keep balls within the play area, reducing retrieval time and maintaining the flow of the game. Hockey arenas also utilize backstop netting to ensure pucks stay within the rink, enhancing spectator safety. The key benefits of backstop netting include protecting audiences from stray balls and equipment and reducing game interruptions by keeping balls and equipment within the play area.

Golf Netting

Golf netting is designed to contain golf balls within driving ranges and courses, ensuring safety and convenience. At driving ranges, this netting surrounds the area to keep balls within a safe boundary, preventing them from causing injury or damage outside the designated zone. Golf courses use netting around the perimeter to stop balls from leaving the course and potentially hitting bystanders or property. 


For home practice areas, golf netting allows golfers to practice safely in their backyard or indoor spaces without worrying about stray balls. The main benefits of golf netting include preventing golf balls from causing injury or damage and its durability, as it is made from strong, weather-resistant materials to withstand repeated impacts.


Windscreens are essential for providing privacy, reducing wind, and enhancing aesthetics in various settings. In sports fields, windscreens help reduce wind interference, providing a more comfortable environment for players and spectators and increasing privacy. Construction sites benefit from windscreens by minimizing the spread of dust and debris, which enhances site safety and cleanliness.


Our windscreens are made of high-quality, UV-protected thread and can be customized in color and height to meet your specific needs. We can also add graphic designs upon request. Windscreens’ primary benefits include decreasing wind impact, offering visual and noise barriers for enhanced privacy, and improving the look of any area with various colors and designs available.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are versatile and stylish solutions for providing shade and reducing heat in outdoor areas. Perfect for recreational and commercial applications, they enhance spaces such as training centers, water parks, playgrounds, and parks by creating comfortable and protected areas for the residents of Waverly, Nebraska by protecting them from harmful UV rays.


We craft our shade sails from high-quality, UV-protected materials, and you can customize them in color and size to meet your specific needs. Shade sails offer several key benefits, including blocking harmful UV rays and providing shade to create comfortable outdoor areas. They can be customized to suit various commercial settings, with different shapes and sizes available. Additionally, they add aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces with a variety of color and design options.

Choosing the Right Nebraska Sports Netting For Your Property

Understanding the different types of barrier netting, backstop netting, golf netting, windscreens, and shade sails can help you choose the right solutions for your specific needs. Whether you’re enhancing safety, creating privacy, or designing comfortable outdoor spaces, the right netting or shade sail can make all the difference. Feel free to reach out for more information or to find the perfect netting and shade solutions for your needs!

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