Keeping your loved ones and assets safe with a top-notch security fence is a great idea. But which Nebraska residential fence will do the job best? As one of the top-rated fence companies in Nebraska, the pros at Empire Fence will help you discover the best fencing materials to safeguard your home or protect your business. We’re happy to share our Nebraska residential fence expertise to help you make the right security fence choice that suits your needs and ensures the safety of what matters most to you. 

Strong Nebraska Security Fence Options

A security fence keeps your home and property safe by deterring or delaying intruders. There are lots of options depending on your specific security priorities. For your home, a typical privacy fence may meet all your needs, particularly in residential areas where crime is typically low and opportunistic. Nebraska commercial fencing for business and industrial properties is typically a metal structure that both deters thieves and makes the fence unscalable. These fences may include additional security features such as razor wire and spikes. Metal and chain link fences can provide adequate security and deterrence without reducing visibility.


Although security fencing does its job well, keep in mind that no security fence can keep out all intruders. With enough time, the right tools, and some patience, an intruder can bypass even the toughest fence, so the idea behind a security fence is to delay the intruder for as long as possible. Paired with additional security measures on your property, a strong security fence installed by one of the top-rated fence companies in Nebraska will make a positive impact on your protection.


Here are three particularly important questions to ask when choosing a security fence for your property:

Is the Fence Easy to Climb?

An effective security fence should be hard to climb, and fence height alone can be an effective deterrent to trespassers. A good security fence can be as tall as 6 feet, yet 8 feet is even better if your community allows it. If you can go taller, it will prove to be an even more formidable obstacle to scale. This is usually possible for commercial fences. However, there are usually height restriction ordinances for a Nebraska residential fence. If you are limited by height, fences that have spikes or points on the top will discourage potential intruders from climbing them. If you want horizontal rails as part of your fence design, make sure they are facing toward the inside of your property and the space between them doesn’t allow for easy climbing. 

Does the Fence Have any Concealed Areas?

Opt for security fencing styles and materials that prioritize visibility and deter potential intruders. Avoid solid panel fencing that obstructs the view on either side of the fence, as it can create hiding spots for unwanted individuals. Instead, opt for fences that allow clear sightlines, granting you the chance to spot any suspicious activity or lurking individuals. By choosing open and visible fencing options for your Nebraska residential fence, you gain valuable time to call for help or investigate before any breach attempts occur. Steer clear of tall, solid fences that provide cover for intruders and prioritize security measures that prioritize both safety and visibility.

Is the Fence Easy to Breach?

The majority of break-ins are motivated by the ease with which the business property and home can be entered and exited. A security fence will be ineffective if a burglar can easily climb over, around, or under it. A good perimeter security fence installed by one of the top-rated fence companies in Nebraska, like Empire Fence Company, is secured to the ground, is long-lasting, cannot be easily cut, and completely encircles the property. You should also include security gates and driveway gates to ensure that no opening is left vulnerable and exposed.


Here are Empire Fence Company’s recommendations for effective security fences:

1. Aluminum Fencing

For many homeowners, neighborhood associations, and commercial properties, aluminum fencing takes the top spot for security fencing: tough and intruder-resistant yet extremely attractive. Adding pointed or spiked tops to the fence makes it even more difficult to overcome.

Aluminum Fences are Durable and Low Maintenance

For the ultimate combination of strength and durability, an aluminum fence stands as the top choice. Despite its lighter weight, aluminum fences boast comparable strength to wrought iron, making them a cost-effective alternative to ornamental iron. Built to withstand the test of time, aluminum fences are impervious to weather, wind, and insect damage, ensuring they won’t rot, rust, or deteriorate over the years. With a protective powder coating, quality aluminum fencing becomes virtually indestructible, requiring minimal upkeep. Occasional cleaning is all it takes to keep the specialized coating intact and maintain the fence’s pristine appearance, providing years of hassle-free security.

2. Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is moderately effective at delaying entry to your property by intruders on its own. The diamond-shaped holes in a typical chain link fence are nearly 3 inches wide, allowing a trespasser an easy toe-hold to climb the fence, so you may want a smaller, tighter mesh to make it difficult to climb. A hacksaw, bolt cutter, or even garden loppers can be used to cut anything lower than a  9- or 11-gauge steel wire. You can, however, increase the effectiveness of Nebraska commercial fencing for business locations by adding barbed wire or electrical wire to the top of the fence, which will deter would-be intruders from scaling the fence.


You can also select the thickness and style of the galvanized steel wires, with thicker wires providing enhanced security and durability. Choosing a taller fence height enhances the security of your property, and the chain link’s open visibility is also a plus. For many homeowners choosing a Nebraska residential fence or business owners with a tight budget, chain link fencing may be the best option due to its low cost.

Chain Link is Long-Lasting and Low-Maintenance

Made of galvanized steel, chain link fences cannot be destroyed by pests or rot. There is also protective PVC coating in several colors to add to the aesthetics of your fence as well as further protect your fence for longevity.


Chain link does not attract dirt and debris, and it never needs to be painted or stained, so maintenance is a breeze. Other than occasionally sweeping off leaves and cobwebs, there is little that you need to do to maintain a chain link fence. This makes chain link a particularly excellent choice for commercial applications and homeowners who are not interested in adding to their list of maintenance items.

Assessing Your Property for a Security Fence

To make sure you are going to meet your security requirements for your Nebraska residential fence or commercial fencing project, consider the following recommendations:


  • Determine the total perimeter of the security fence and which areas need to be enclosed.
  • Look for features near the intended fence that may help intruders scale the fence, like rocks, berms, signs, and bushes.
  • Assess the ground for solidity. Security fences must be firmly secured and set in concrete.
  • Check your fence design against local zoning restrictions and stay within the limitations. You might be required to change or remove the fence if it does not comply with local zoning.
  • Consult with one of the top-rated fence companies in Nebraska for recommendations tailored to your needs. 

Work With One of the Top-Rated Nebraska Fence Companies!

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