Bored with the mundane monotony of traditional fences? Seeking a solution for a variety of different fencing needs? You’re not alone! Waverly, Nebraska homeowners are breaking free from the ordinary and embracing the art of mixing and matching fence types to create truly unique and personalized outdoor spaces. 


At Empire Fence Company, one of the top-rated fence companies in Waverly, NE, we’re here to turn your fence fantasies into a stunning reality. Prepare to explore how aluminum, wood, chain link, FenceTrac, and vinyl fences collide in perfect harmony, all on your very own property! Read on for our expert advice on how to master the fine art of fence fusion. Your dream fence awaits!

Mixing and Matching Fences Like a Pro

Combining different types of fences offers a range of benefits compared to a single-material fence. Not only will your space get a unique look, but you’ll also get the dynamic advantages that come with combining materials. 

We’re sharing a list of frequently asked questions and answers from our fence pros about mixing and matching fence types so that you get the most out of your new Nebraska residential fence! 

Can I Mix and Match Fence Types from Your Waverly, Nebraska Fence Company?

You can mix and match fence types in any way you desire with Empire Fence Company, one of the top-rated fence companies in Waverly, NE. We know that planning and choosing your ideal fence is one of the most exciting parts of the fence planning process, and we don’t want you to settle for just any fence. 


We offer a variety of fence types, each with its own purposes and benefits. If you’re interested in an aesthetically pleasing fence or decorative fence to go around your front yard, then an aluminum fence may be one of the best choices for you! However, if you want to add additional privacy around the back of your home or business, a low-maintenance vinyl fence is a fantastic option. 


A FenceTrac fence is an excellent choice for using a variety of materials in one fence. These fences are built with materials using a steel frame that can be fitted with wood, vinyl, composite boards, and more. This mixed material fence lends itself to being combined with other fence types. For example, a FenceTrac fence featuring wood inside of the steel frame for privacy can transition to an open aluminum fence or wood fence in an area where you want an open view. 


If you have an area that is less visible but still needs to be fenced in for safety and security, you could consider using an affordable chain link fence combined with another material in the areas that are in view. Whatever your goals, our fence professionals will be happy to help you combine two fence types to create the perfect perimeter fence for your home. If you’re not quite sure what type of fence you might enjoy the most, we have a large collection of our completed Nebraska residential fence projects posted in our photo gallery for you to peruse. 

How Can I Combine Fence Materials and Heights?

Mastering the delicate dance of mixing and matching fences requires a keen eye for seamless transitions. At Empire Fence Company, we understand the importance of flawlessly blending fence materials and heights to create a harmonious visual flow. Picture this: shorter fences gracefully frame the front of your property, effortlessly transitioning into taller fences that will enhance the privacy of your backyard sanctuary.

One key to achieving aesthetic cohesion lies in cleverly obscuring those transitions from your line of sight. Consider the strategic placement of trees, shrubs, or bushes that artfully conceal the shifting points. As time passes and your natural plantings flourish, they will seamlessly merge your fences with the surrounding landscape.

In addition, we recommend positioning transition points in corners rather than in the middle of long fence stretches. This ensures extended sections of your fence maintain a consistent material and height, reducing visual distractions. Such corners can be cleverly embellished with outdoor features or expert landscaping, further enhancing the overall appeal.

Prepare to elevate your fence fusion game to new heights as we unlock the secrets of impeccable transitions. Let Empire Fence Company be your guide on this transformative journey, where your unique vision seamlessly melds with the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

How Can I Add a Gate Into My Mix and Match Nebraska Residential Fence?

Our team of fencing contractors in Waverly, Nebraska is fully equipped with the skills and materials necessary to help you add an attractive gate to your mix-and-match fence! Oftentimes, gates themselves are a different material from your fence, which can help tie different fence materials around your property together. 

For example, one popular and unique look is an aluminum driveway gate with a wood fence. An aluminum gate can help create a seamless transition from a wood perimeter fence to an aluminum fence around another portion of your property or pool! 

We do caution our customers against changing fence types close to a gate. Gates create a focal point in your yard that draws the attention of any passerby. Changing fence types close to the gate can be distracting and take away from the beauty of your fence and gate. To make the design process easier, we offer an instant quote tool to help you design your ideal fence and gate layout with your desired materials and see our estimated prices. As one of the top-rated fence companies in Waverly, NE, we make it easy for you to get started on your fence project.

Let Us Do the Work So You Can Enjoy your Fence!

A professionally installed Nebraska residential fence is fundamental for every home in the area, whether for security, privacy, or a combination of both. Mixing fence types will provide great flexibility in terms of both function and design, allowing you to customize your yard while adhering to your budget. With the freedom to choose from various designs, materials, heights, colors, and gate options, you can truly personalize the look and feel of your fence with our fencing contractors in Waverly, Nebraska. 

Create the Fence of Your Dreams With One of the Top-Rated Fence Companies in Waverly, NE

Our team of fence professionals is the leading expert in mixing fence types in the Waverly, Nebraska area. When you work with us on your next fence project, you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands! Reach out today by phone at (402) 682-7658 or contact us so we can help you get started on your fence project.