You want to unlock the full potential of summer in Nebraska by embracing the warm weather and the joys of outdoor gatherings, but it would be so much easier to do that if you had a fence to enhance your property. To make the most of your summer, creating a private haven within your backyard could be the key. In this article, courtesy of Empire Fence Company – one of the top-rated fence companies in Waverly, NE, we will explore the many ways that a stunning fence can transform your space into a summer oasis.

Benefits and Versatility Of Nebraska Residential Fences

There are so many reasons Waverly area homeowners choose to enclose their properties with fences. Here are some of the most popular factors that led our customers to choose a high-quality, long-lasting fence from Empire Fence Company to enjoy the beautiful summer landscape.


Having seclusion in your backyard allows you to Indulge in tranquil moments and unwind in peace. The key to a private space is usually a top-notch Nebraska residential fence, safeguarding your property from unwelcome intrusions and elevating it to a place you’ll be undisturbed. Embrace summer by enjoying the company of your loved ones, free from the worry of disturbing your neighbors or uninvited guests encroaching on your festivities. With the sanctuary provided by a tall privacy fence, you can take part in all of the season’s delights, creating memories that will endure for a lifetime.

Safety for Kids and Pets

Safeguarding your family, particularly the well-being of your young children and beloved pets, is a big advantage of a fence. The protective barrier will allow you to witness your children’s joyful play in the backyard without worry. It also offers an assurance that your furry companions will remain within the confines of your property, safeguarding them from potential mishaps or venturing into unforeseen troubles. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with a secure fence, knowing that your family’s safety is upheld and their summer adventures are contained when you have a Nebraska residential fence installed by one of the top-rated fence companies in Waverly, NE, Empire Fence Company. 

Added Security

By opting to install a fence, you fortify your property with an additional layer of security, which deters potential thieves and unwelcome individuals from trespassing into your yard. While it’s important to note that a fence may not entirely thwart a determined intruder, it undeniably raises the level of difficulty they face, significantly decreasing the appeal of your home as a target. By presenting an obstacle and signaling your commitment to safeguarding your premises, a well-built fence conveys a powerful message that your property is not easily accessible. As a result, any wrongdoers are more inclined to seek easier targets, leaving your home undisturbed and granting you peace of mind throughout the summer months and the rest of the year.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Undeniably, the installation of a visually appealing, expertly crafted residential fence by one of the top-rated fence companies in Waverly, NE has the power to elevate the overall aesthetic of your home. More than a mere functional addition, a fence delivers beauty and long-lasting value to your property. Just as the interior of your home is meticulously designed, the exterior deserves equal attention. During the summer, the backdrop of a Nebraska residential fence will enhance your beautiful landscaping. Embrace the transformative power of an attractive fence, and elevate your property to new heights of visual appeal.

Fencing Choices in Nebraska

Whether you are looking for some added security for your family and pets, privacy for your backyard, or a decorative element to border your property, fences are an excellent addition to any space. There are many different fence materials to choose from, and they vary in their durability, appearance, and level of maintenance giving you dozens of options. From functional to fabulous, classic to fancy, we’ve included a fence option for everyone! 

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is another low-maintenance fencing option and automatically adds an elegant and attractive upscale look to your home with lots of curb appeal. Aluminum fences come in a variety of styles that are suited for all types of architecture, from traditional to contemporary, so don’t be dissuaded from thinking your house isn’t suitable for ornamental fencing. Aluminum is an excellent choice for protecting your home while also providing value and looks! An aluminum fence can also enhance the landscaping of your home by not hiding the beautiful plantings you have around your property.

Vinyl Fences

When it comes to durability, strength, and the ability to withstand the severe weather of Nebraska, a vinyl fence won’t let you down!  Vinyl fencing won’t ever rot, peel, crack, or warp and is impermeable to insect damage. You’ll also appreciate that it’s virtually maintenance-free, so you can spend more time on the important things, not cleaning and maintaining your fence. A fence installed by one of the top-rated Waverly fencing contractors like the pros at Empire Fence Company will last for decades, and its clean, neat aesthetic is appealing on any property. Furthermore, vinyl does not fade and is available in a variety of styles and colors, so check with us to see what’s available.

Wood Fences

A wood fence possesses an inherent allure that effortlessly adds a touch of natural charm to any backyard, making them a popular choice among homeowners. With many versatile styles to choose from, wood fences excel in providing both security and privacy, ensuring a tranquil and protected outdoor environment. Additionally, the beauty of wood lies in its adaptability, as it can be customized with paint or stain to reflect your personal taste, infusing your own unique touch into the overall aesthetic of your property.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing provides convenience and strength for a quick way to safeguard your house and property. Chain link fencing is practical, relatively easy to install, and cost-effective for homeowners on a budget. Use it to border your property, then grow your favorite vines or shrubs alongside to add beauty and a bit of privacy. Our chain link fences are galvanized to provide a rust-resistant and strong fence option. Many of our homeowners choose a colored vinyl coating to add a more pleasant and protective finish, and privacy slats are also available to increase the amount of privacy and view obstruction.

FenceTrac Fences

When it comes to selecting the ideal residential fence for a wonderful summer in Nebraska (or any time of the year,) FenceTrac fencing emerges as the perfect choice, blending practicality and aesthetics seamlessly. The innovative design and construction of FenceTrac fences offer a multitude of benefits tailored specifically for the summer season. With its durable materials and sturdy framework, it stands strong against the harsh Nebraska weather, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. The open-grid panel design allows for ample airflow, promoting a refreshing breeze throughout your backyard oasis, making it an ideal companion during scorching summer days. Moreover, the versatility of FenceTrac enables customization options that cater to your unique style, allowing you to infuse a touch of personal flair into your outdoor living space. Whether it’s hosting lively gatherings or simply unwinding in solitude, a FenceTrac fence provides the privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal that perfectly aligns with the joys of summer living in Nebraska.


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